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SEN Pure Base Coat 8 oz - 12 Free .5 oz

SEN Pure Base Coat 8 oz - 12 Free .5 oz

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Looking for a base coat that will strengthen your nails and protect your manicure? Look no further than the SEN Pure Base Coat. This innovative base coat is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients that work together to strengthen, hydrate, and protect your nails. Plus, it's free of 10 harmful chemicals, making it a safe and healthy choice for your nails.


    • Strengthens nails

    • Hydrates nails

    • Protects nails from damage

    • Free of 10 harmful chemicals

    • Vegan and cruelty-free


    • Stronger nails that are less likely to break

    • Healthier nails that are less prone to dryness and cracking

    • Longer-lasting manicures

    • Peace of mind knowing that you're using a safe and healthy product

The SEN Pure Base Coat is the perfect way to give your nails the love and care they deserve. Order your bottle today and see the difference for yourself!

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